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Chinatown Lunar New Year

Chinese Zodiac Signs
Twelve Signs make up the Chinese Zodiac. Legend has it, the twelve animals were summoned by Buddha to a race. The order in which they completed the race would determine the ranking order of the signs. In order to test the animals, Buddha charted the course across land and sea. The clever rat, knowing there was no chance for victory, surveyed the group of animals and decided that the best option was to climb onto the back of the ox who was capable of moving fast across land, strong enough to move through rough terrain, and could swim across water. Just as they neared the finish line, the Rat jumped off and thus became the first sign!

Chinese Lunar New Year is a very significant holiday in Chinese culture and the festivities extend over a period of two weeks.  The Lunar New Year is accompanied by a belief in good fortune, and there are many decorations around to herald the new year. Bright red colors are believed to scare off bad fortune, while gold is believed to bring wealth in the new year, so hang up plenty red and gold decorations to ensure good fortune!


CHINATOWN — The neighborhood’s cultural ambassadors are inviting residents from across the city to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year with a parade. Fireworks begin the annual parade with a bang at 12:45 p.m.  The parade then steps off at 24th Street and Wentworth Avenue and heads north on Wentworth thru the Gateway, west on Cermak to Princeton – Disband. Thousands are expected to watch marching bands, colorful floats, Lion Teams and a 90-foot long “Mystical Dragon” as we welcome the Lunar New Year!